Engineering & Design

Engineering + Design

We specialise in the design and engineering of stainless steel fabrication and we have over 50 years combined experience.

Our highly experienced in-house engineering design team have the capabilities to provide customers with advanced solutions. The Advantage engineering team engages directly with you to discuss, understand and prototype potential solutions according to your requirements.

Our iterative design process uses Design for Manufacture (DFM) & Design for Assembly (DFA) methodologies.

Design for Manufacture (DFM)

Design for Assembly (DFM) is defined as the integration of product design and process design into one activity. We understand that 70% of manufacturing costs are determined by the design. Advantage Engineering follows the following guidelines for DFM:

  • Minimise total no. of parts
  • Develop a modular design
  • Use standard parts
  • Design parts to be multi-functional
  • Design parts to be multi-use
  • Design parts for ease of fabrication
  • Avoid separate fasteners
  • Minimise assembly directions
  • Maximise compliance
  • Minimise handling

Design for Assembly (DFA)

We offer cost effective assembly design solutions to our clients. We understand that assembly can be up to 50% of the manufacturing cost. Our approach is to make assembly as easy as possible.

  • We improve the process
  • We improve the design


Advantage Engineering’s design team guides you through the design process from initial concept to full completion of your product

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